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Best Things in Life

Big Mud Puddles and Dandelions

Cherokee Wisdom

Christian Bumper Stickers and Signs

Church Marquee Signs

Did You Know?
Excellent Philosophy Five Finger Prayer


Front Row Seats

God's Pumpkin

God Won't Ask

Good Tips

Have a Banana

How to Make Your Garden Grow

I Believe

If I Had Life to Live Over by Erma Bombeck

Importance of Water

Mom's Job Description

Mosquito Repellent

Mother's Occupation


Parodox of Our Times

Physical Exercise

Read Slowly

Rules From God

Rules of Life

Sand or Stone?

Secret of a Happy Marriage

Seven Wonders of the World

Should You Find Yourself

Spiritual One Liners

Stress Relief

Things I Have Learned

Things I Learned from Noah's Ark

Think About This

Time and Friends

Wealth, Success, Love

What If?

What is Love

What Year?

Where is God?


Who Wants a $20?

Words From Paul Harvey




12 Steps of Forwarding Emails

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