Short Stories

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A Child's Prayer

A Christmas Story by Rian B. Anderson

A Little Girl's Prayer

A Man Named Jake

Angels in the Alley

Ant and the Contact Lens

Are You Building Bridges?

A Run in the Rain

A Spark of the Divine

A Story of Faith


Attitude Makes the Difference

Being a Mother

Billy's Mission


Bullets for Christ

Cab Ride

Christmas Envelope

Christmas Love

Divine Plan
Emporer's Seed

Empty Chair

Explain God

Fifteen Minutes of Fame by Marty Becker

Fireman in Phoenix, AZ

Frank Wilson, A Christmas Story

From Sorrow to Joy


Gas Station Man's Christmas

God Knows Our Need

God's Mysterious Ways

God's Perfection

Got Milk?

Grace (Bird)

Grace (Teacher)

The Great Dentist

Hearing the Angels Sing by Ida Mae Morley

The Heart

How Much Does a Miracle Cost?

Jesus Loves Me

The Lesson

Living Bible

Manger Story

Mary's Heart

Mikey's Accident

Missing Jesus

My Dog -- Buddy

My Friend Kyle

Not "Good-bye," Just "Enough"

Officer Discretion

One Good Deed



Power of Determination

Precious Lord

Puppy Size

Three Red Marbles

The Rock

Rudy's Angel

Santa Claus is Real


Special Lady

Story of the Lord Supper Painting

Tangled Hair


Twinkies and Rootbeer

Two Angels

What God Can Do

Who Is Your Daddy?

You Could Make A Difference

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