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ABC's of Friendship

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Beauty Tips by Audrey Hepburn

Birthday Celebration

Books of the Bible

Call Him Up!

Center of the Bible

Children's Letters to God


Do You Feel Old?

Dreary Day

Empty Mansions

I Corinthians 13 for the Holidays

Footprints (New)

For My Beautiful Friend

Friendship Rose

Give Thanks

God's Boxes

God's Phone

"God, Speak to Me"

God's Test

God Will Do the Rest

Great White Hunter (Picture Only)

History Lesson

I asked God for Water

I Believe

I Wish for You

If I Had Life to Live Over by Erma Bombeck

If I Knew

If I Were Santa

It is in the Valleys I Grow

I've Learned

Installing Love

Jesus in Clouds (Picture Only)

Jesus Loves Me ~ For "Older Children"

Just Touch Me



Letter from an 83 Year Old

Looking Back

Memo from God

Missionary Selection

My Wish For You

Non Recyclable Ode to Valentines

Our God is an Awesome God

Plant a Garden
Reason, Season, or Lifetime?

Receipe for a Happy New Year

Remember When . . .

Road of Life

Roses for My Wife

Self-Esteem (Picture Only)

The Shoe

Smile Starter

Tater People

There Has Always Been You

Things You Keep

Three Trees

To a Nice Person

Unfolding the Rose When I'm an Old Lady

Whisper Jesus

You are a Friend

Your Cross

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