Serendipity Iris Gardens
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All pictures taken by Judy Shultz
* Propagated at Quail Hill Iris Gardens
** Known to rebloom
*** Have rebloomed at Quail Hill Iris Gardens
**** Historic Iris (Over 30 years old)

Tall Bearded Iris
Bloom in Columbus, North Carolina about April 25 to May 15
27 inches and up
By far the most popular Iris grown
Almost every shade of the rainbow
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Historic Iris
Yellow standards and red falls
(Buss, 52)
Historic Iris
Creamy oyster white standards; falls in shades of yellow
(Gatty, 94)
Pale blue standards; light violet plicata on ivory falls
(Magee, 90)
**Eternal Bliss
Violet with tangerine beards
(Byers, 88)
**Pagan Goddess
Cream pink standards; peach pink falls
(L. Miller, 95)
Adobe Campfire **Eternal Waltz
White with lavender cast
(Danielson, 89)

Palmetto Grape Butter
Yellow ochre standards; aster violet falls; red orange beards; different!
(S. Smart, '00)

After the Dawn
Violet peach standards; creamy peach yellow falls
(Ernst, 95)
Evelyn Harris
Very ruffled orchid lavender
(McWhirter, 92)
Patriotic Banner
White standards; medium blue falls; red beards
(D. Fort, 98)
Agnes Hale
Peachy pink standards; falls same with yellow center
(Turner, 86)
Evening in Paris
Deep maroon red; carrot orange beards
(Sexton, 76)
**Peach Jam
Pink with purple and mauve streaks
(Ensminger, 89)
Alabaster Unicorn
Ruffled white self with white horns
(Sutton, 96)
Fancy Woman
French lilac standards blended with gray; lilac-purple falls; orange beards; unusual and popular
(Keppel, 95)
Peacock's Eye
Historic Iris
Yellow and lavender with red-violet spots
(Goos and Koeneman, 1906)
All Dressed Up
Ruffled pink self with tangerine beards
(Gibson, 98)
Mid-violet self; yellow beards
(Hager, 83)
Persian Berry
Mulberry and lavender blend with mulberry shoulders
(Gaulter, 76)
Amethyst Dancer
Cream pink standards; amethyst falls; tangerine beards
(Ernst, 97)
Fine China
Crystalline white self
(Gatty, 86)
Persimmon Parasol
Early persimmon orange
(Durrance, 91)
Anaconda Love
Self light pink, lightly splashed beetroot purple; style arms beetroot purple and pink,
lightly laced
Falls:  Beetroot purple, streaked silver white, occasionally streaked pink
Beards:  Orange; broken color pattern; ruffled
Slight fragrance.
B. Kasperek, 1999
Orange self with red beards
(Schreiners, 92)

**Pink Attraction
Ruffled light pink
(E. Hall, 88)

Angels' Breath
Pale orchid self; late bloom
(Valette, 73)
Blue-white self; cool white beards
(R. Nelson, 96)

Pink Bubbles

Icy white self; ruffled yellow beards
(Lineberger, 88)

Free Ride

Pink Dancer
Light rose self with tangerine beards
(V. Wood, 94)

Anna Cook
Yellow-ochre; falls speckled tan
(Turner, 93)
Fringe Benefits
Laced intense orange
(Hager, 88)
Pink Gala
Lightly ruffled pink; tangerine beards
(V. Wood, 90)
Anne Murray
Light lilac-blue with yellow beards
(Moller, 96)
Frozen Flame
Lavender standards; lighter falls with red beards
(Burseen, 95)
Pink Magnolia
Historic Iris
Flat form orient pink
(O. Brown, 68)

Arctic Dawn
Historic Iris
Classic large cream yellow
(Olson, 68)

Gentle Dragon
Butterscotch standards; red-black falls edged butterscotch
(L. Miller, 88)
Pixel Hue
Guest Iris
Around Midnight
Late blooming dark purple with purple beards
(Schreiners, 95)
Georgia Streaker
White standards and falls infused yellow; darker yellow veins
(Turner, 00)

Planned Treasure
Pink standards; white falls edged dark orchid
(Burger, 86)

Art Form

Gilded Cream
Warm cream overlaid gold
(Wilkerson, 95)
Guest Iris
**Autumn Bugler
Violet standards; dark purple falls
(F. Jones, 86)
Glad Rags
Deep yellow standards; deep maroon falls with orange beards
(Hager, 85)
Dark grape and white fancy plicata
(Burseen, 94)
**Autumn Encore
Red purple standards; falls white with red purple edge
(K. Mohr, 77)
Gnu Again
Red violet splashed white
(Kasparek, 94)

Pumpkin Cheesecake
White standards; orange falls
(Niswonger, 95)

Autumn Years
Golden tan with red violet splashes; different!
(Ensminger, 96)
Gnus Flash
Tan standards with white streaks; dark violet falls streaked white
(Kasparek, 96)
Purple Pleaser
Purple standards; velvety red purple falls
(Lineberger, 95)

B B Yo

**Good Fairy
Peach pink standards; lighter falls
(M. Byers, 88)
**Queen Dorothy
Mid-violet and white plicata
(E. Hall, 84)
*Banana Cream
Cream standards and falls with pale yellow hafts
(M. Byers, 89)
Grand Canyon
Historic Iris
Blend of orchid and rose with lighter area near the beards
(Kleisorge, 41)

Ralph Bullard
Very large blue violet self, nicely ruffled; light yellow beards
(H. Turner, 01)

Barely There
Lemon cream with lighter falls
(Burseen, 94)
Great Gatsby
Lavender standards; velvety red purple falls
(McWhirter, 95)

Raspberries and Cream
Raspberry standards; cream falls edged raspberry
(Powell, 83)

Bayberry Candle
Historic Iris
Chartreuse standards; olive green falls
(DeForest, 66)
**Halloween Halo
White with yellow bordered falls
(Weiler, 91)

Raspberry Jewelry
Guest Iris

Before the Storm
Black with black beard tipped orange; very popular
(Innerst, 88)

Halo in Pearl
Pinkish mauve standards; pearl white falls
(Niswonger, 98)
Raspberry Splash
White tinted orchid standards; raspberry falls with orchid edge
(Black, 91)
Behold Your Muse
Blue white standards; near white falls; yellow beards
(Ernst, 98)
**Harvest of Memories
Fragrant medium yellow; dependable rebloomer
(Zurbrigg, 85)
Medium mulberry; orange red beards
(Byers, 89)
**Belvi Queen
Cinnamon standards; yellow falls with maroon stitching
(Jensen, 76)
**Heather Blush
Pink and violet; tangerine beards
(Hamner, 76)
Rich Man
Red purple self; velvety falls
(Lineberger, 95)
**Best Bet
Very light blue standards; dark blue falls
(Schreiners, 88)
Helen Cochran
Ruffled white self; white beards
(McWhirter, 96)

Ride the Wind
White standards; delft blue falls
(Schreiners, 91)

**Bethany Claire
Wisteria blue; white beards
(Zurbrigg, 84)

High Life
Burgundy red plicata
(Schreiners, 64)

**Rio Vista
Light violet blue with darker veins
(B. Brown, 77)

Betty Dunn
White standards; salmon pink falls with white rim on falls
(Niswonger, 95)

**High Point
White standards tinted pink; plum purple falls; orange beards with short red-violet horns
(Sutton, 99)
Rock Star
Apricot-orange and red raspberry plicata; red-orange beards with horns
(Byers, 91)

Beverly Sills
Ruffled coral-pink self
(Hager, 78)

High Sky Blue
Bitone light blue with blue beards
(Ernst, 98)

**Rosalie Figge
Violet standards; velvety dark violet purple falls
(McNew, 93)

Lightly ruffled yellow gold; yellow orange beards
(Byers, 86)

Hollis Blue Eyes
Pale blue self with mustard gold beards
(Lineberger, 2000)

Rosy Thumbprints
Guest Iris
Ruffled blue white with spoons on beards
(Byers, 88)
**Holy Night
Deep violet-purple self
(K. Mohr, 83)
White and raspberry plicata
(Innerst, 91)
Black as Night
Red black standards; darker falls
(Meek, 92)

Honky Tonk Blues

Scarlet Embers
Rose standards; wine burgundy falls rimmed in rose
(Begley, 95)

Blankety Blank
Red violet plicata with white ground on standards; creamy apricot ground on falls
(Burseen, 98)

Huckleberry Fudge
Chocolate brown and white plicata; mustard beards
(Gibson, 97)

Secret Plan
Watermelon red with yellow beard
(Ernst, 90)
**Blue Moonlight
Ruffled powder blue with cream beards
(Byers, 89)
Hush Diana
Cranberry red standards with lighter falls
(Burseen, 90)
**Shoot the Moon
Ruffled cream yellow; yellow-orange beards with horns
(Byers, 85)

Blue Note Blues
Ruffled medium blue with lighter area at pale yellow beards
(Ernst, 98)

Spanish orange with cream and red streaks in the falls
(Kasparek, 98)
Silver Fox
Laced white with pale blue cast
(V. Wood, 90)
**Bonus Mama
Warm white with light yellow beards
(Hager, 90)
**I Do
White with white beards
(Zurbrigg, 74)
Silvery pale blue self with matching beards
(Schreiners, 87)
Boss Tweed
Ruffled honey tan brown
(McWhirter, 93)

Ice Cream Treat
Peach pink standards; near white falls rimmed peach
(Ernst, 97)

Sky Blue Pink
Nice pink with blue beards
(Niswonger, 94)
**Bountiful Harvest
White ground color; peppered and stitched purple
(Hager, 91)
Ice Sculpture
Ice blue self
(Hager, 73)

**Sky Hooks
Soft yellow with violet horns on beards
(Osborne, 80)

Boysenberry Buttercup
Cream yellow standards; red purple falls
(Lauer, 97)

Pure white self
(Zurbrigg, 82)

Smiling Gold
Golden yellow standards; white falls tinted lavender with gold beards
(Ernst, 91)

Brazilian Holiday
White standards; velvety plum-violet falls
(Schreiners, 97)

In Town
Blue-lavender standards; blue-purple falls; red beards
(Blyth, 88)
Snow Blanket
White with hint of lavender and orange-red beards
(Ernst, 91)
Ruffled true blue self
(Schreiners, 86)

It's Magic
Yellow with white center in falls and yellow horns
(Maryott, 95)

Snow Spoon
White with white spoons at end of beards
(Hager, 82)
Light yellow standards; medium yellow falls
(Byers, 89)
It's My Party
Guest Iris

Pure white standards; purple falls
(Schreiners, 76)

Cami Foster
Stitched rose-violet with yellow beards
(Turner, 88)
J. B. Hale
Light beige and white plicata with white tipped orange beards
(Turner, 2003)
Sombrero Way
Golden yellow standards; red falls; rust brown beards
(Schreiners, 96)

Carolina Gold
Unfading golden yellow; one of the most popular in this color
(Powell, 70)

Jesse's Song
Violet and white plicata
(Williamson, 83)

Southern Angel
Striking blue white self with open, erect standards and ruffled falls with yellow beards
(H. Turner, 02)
Carry Me Away
Guest Iris
**Juicy Fruit
Pink standards, yellow near edge; apricot falls; red-orange beards
(Byers, 88)
Special Feature
Ruffled violet blue with feathery gray orange beards
(Osborne, 88)
**Cayenne Capers
Historic Iris
Cayenne red plicata
(Gibson, 69)

Jukebox Hero

Spiced Tiger
Light brown standards splashed white; mahogany falls streaked white
(Kasparek, 96)
**Certainly Certainly
Cinnamon standards; white falls with cinnamon edge
(Benson, 81)
Jurassic Park
Canary yellow standards; blended lavender, blue, and purple falls with yellow beards tipped purple
(Lauer, 95)
**Spirit of Memphis
Ruffled medium yellow self
(Zurbrigg, 77)
Champagne and Caviar
Blue white standards; white falls
(Nelson, 96)

Just for Sophie
Deep pink standards with lighter falls
(Ernst, 98)

Spirit World
Reddish orchid standards; red purple falls, with buff borders on all
(Keppel, 94)
**Champagne Elegance
Lavender pink standards; buff apricot falls
(Niswonger, 87)

Katinka Franz
Dark violet blue self
(Feuerstein, 97)

Stairway to Heaven
Warm white standards; medium blue falls; excellent
(Lauer, 93)

Champagne Time
Guest Iris

King Tush
Pink self with purple and lavender pink streaks
(Kasparek, 97)

Ruffled white; yellow-orange beards
(Byers, 88)

Champagne Waltz
Apricot yellow standards; cream yellow falls; tangerine beards
(Schreiners, 94)

Kinkajou Shrew
Red purple with white streaking and orange beards
(Kasparek, 2000)

Steffie Ann
Ruffled white self with red orange beards, usually with horns
(Lineberger, 2000)

Change of Millennium

Ladies Only

Stepping Out

Change of Pace
Delicate pink standards; white falls with deep rose markings
(Schreiners, 91)

Lady Friend
Garnet red self; vigorous grower
(Ghio, 80)

Violet-blue standards; deeper falls; yellow-orange beards with horns
(Byers, 88)

Apple-blossom pink
(Corlew, 72)

Lady Mohr
Historic Iris
Historic oyster white, chartreuse and lavender
(Salb, 43)
Stop the Music
Ruffled wine red and silver white plicata with light gold beards
(Schreiners, 85)
**City Lights
Deep violet blue with large white area at the pale yellow beards
(M. Dunn, 91)
Larry Gaulter
Ruffled dark red-purple
(Brown, 88)
Sudden Spring
Yellow standards; violet falls
(Framke, 65)

White standards tinted violet; light blue-violet falls
(Zurbrigg, 91)

**Latin Lover
Historic Iris
Lavender-pink standards; grape-wine falls
(Shoop, 69)

White standards flushed violet; deep violet falls with white zonal pattern
(Mahan, 91)
Mid-blue self; blue black beards
(Innerst, 85)

Leda's Lover

**Summer Magic
Blue standards; magenta falls
(McWhirter, 88)

Color Dream

Lenora Pearl *Superstition
Ebony-blue self with matching beards
(Schreiners, 77)

Color Me Blue
Heavily ruffled light blue self
(Schreiners, 97)

Lilac Champagne
Historic Iris
Champagne standards; blue-violet falls
(Hamblen, 64)

Blue white standards; near white falls
(Roberts, 95)

Light tan standards; buff falls with mulberry halo
(Magee, 96)

Mimosa yellow standards; cream falls with yellow edge
(Schreiners, 88)

Sweetheart Ring
Cream yellow standards; white falls with narrow yellow border
(D. Spoon, 97)

Burgundy standards; white falls with burgundy edge
(Innerst, 87)

Little John
Lavender pink standards; lavender falls with white mid-line
(Spoon, 96)

Historic Iris
White with lavender stitches around petals
( 1612)
White standards and falls, edged in violet; bright red beards
(Byers, 89)

Local Color
Dark violet standards; darker falls; bright orange beards
(Kepel, 96)

Talk That Talk
Pale lilac with tan beards ending in flounces
(Burseen, 99)

Copper Classic
Popular Spanish orange self
(Roderick, 79)

Historic Iris
Light yellow standards; purplish striated falls edged yellow
(Goos and Koeneman, 1909)

Greenish ecru standards; darker falls with purple horns
(Byers, 89)

Coral Beauty
Near white standards; apricot falls
(Niswonger, 81)
Magdalena Louisa
Guest Iris

Tiger Honey
Butterscotch and caramel with golden yellow streaks
(Kasparek, 94)

**Coral Charmer
Medium pink; tangerine beards
(Wright, 82)

Peach pink standards; apricot falls
(Byers, 87)

Triple Whammy
Bright yellow standards; yellow falls with lavender-white center and purple beards ending in horns
(Hager, 90)

Coral Joy
White with blush pink at beards
(Niswonger, 89)
Mary Frances
Historic Iris
Ruffled light orchid blue
(Gaulter, 71)
Turner Mills
Spectrum violet with white near the yellow beards
(Turner, 97)
**Corn Harvest
Full yellow self; good rebloomer
(Wyatt, 77)
Cream standards edged cinnamon; near white falls with cream rim
(Hall/Zurbrigg, 91)
**Twice Thrilling
Peach pink; purple horns on the end of beards
(Osborne, 85)
Metallic lilac blue self; orange beards
(Burseen, 96)

Ruffled white with tangerine beards
(Byers, 91)

Uncle Charlie
Ruffled pale lavender blue
(Spoon, 99)

Creative Stitchery
Blue and white plicata
(Schreiners, 84)

Metaphoric Magic
Buff standards infused violet; violet and buff streaked falls; gold beards
(Burseen, 97)

Valentine's Day
Ruffled pink self with tangerine beards
(V. Wood, 97)

Dandy Candy

Midnight Mink

Medium pink self; coral red beard; classy!
(Hager, 74)

**Deb Sunshine
White standards infused yellow; cream yellow falls, gold on the reverse side; golden yellow beards
(Lineberger, 2000)

Millenium Falcon
Wisteria blue standards, streaked white; pink falls streaked white
(Kasparek, 2000)

**Violet Music
Medium violet self with white blaze on falls
(Mahan, 91)

Debby Rairdon
Historic Iris
Yellow with white in falls
(Kuntz, 65)

**Misty Twilight
Pale violet blue; white on falls
(Byers, 87)

Violet Tiger
Royal violet streaked with off white; blue violet beards tipped orange
(Kasparek, 94)

Deep Dive

Mother Marshmallow
Ruffled white
(McWhirter, 97)

Historic Iris
Classic with white standards and deep violet falls
(Williamson, 37)

Diamond Ring

Navajo Jewel
Turquoise blue; yellow beards
(Weiler, 84)

Large cool blue-white self, sometimes with a flat form; yellow beards
(Turner, '03)
Do Wa Diddy
Chrome yellow standards with burgundy falls
(Burseen, 98)
New Centurion
Smooth carmine red self
(Schreiners, 93)

Where There's Smoke
Light violet self with orange beards
(Burseen, 91)

Dorothea Marquart
Large mid-yellow self
(Innerst, 94)

New Moon
Historic Iris
Large lemon yellow with same beards
(Sexton, 68)

Windjammer Seas
Guest Iris
Ruffled rose pink; darker beards
(Schreiners, 95)

Nicer than Nice

Wine & Roses
Historic Iris
Rose pink standards; maroon falls edged pink; one of the classics
(Hall, 63)

Duke of Earl

No Doubt
Guest Iris
Winter Olympics
Historic Iris
Classic ruffled white self
(O. Brown, 61)

Dusky Challenger
Ruffled rich purple self; a most popular iris
(Schreiners, 86)

**Northward Ho
Pinkish brown and white plicata
(Zurbrigg, 91)
Winter White
Ruffled and laced white
(B. Brown, 86)
**Earl of Essex
White and orchid plicata
(Zurbrigg, 80)

Okapi Poppy
Historic Iris

Ruffled white with green tint on standards
(Byers, 89)

Easter Vigil
Medium orchid self; orange-red beards
(Lineberger, 88)

Old Black Magic
Ruffled coal black with yellow beards
(Schreiners, 96)

**Witch of Endor
Crimson black self
(B. Miller, 78)

Ebony Angel

Olympic Torch
Historic Iris
Light golden bronze
(Schreiners, 56)
Smoky lavender self; reddish beards
(Lineberger, 88)
*Edith Wolford
Canary standards; blue-violet falls
(Hager, 86)
Orange Slices
Pinkish orange with orange beards
(Niswonger, 87)

Zink Pink


**Orchid Cloud
White standards; orchid falls
(Applegate, 73)
Ruffled white self with white beards
(Byers, 89)


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Border Bearded

Intermediate Bearded

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Miniature Dwarf

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Siberian Iris

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Standard Dwarf

Tall Bearded

Beard: The fuzzy part of lower petals on bearded iris

Falls: The three lower petals

Plicata: Speckled, stitched or flecked with another color

Self: An even color throughout

Signal: The spot of color replacing beard on beardless irises

Standards: The three upright petals of the flower

Styles: Extend from the throat of the flower

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