Quail Hill Iris Gardens
"A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth"
Everette and Ann Lineberger

A journey that began in 1995 to visit one of the largest Iris Gardens I had ever seen, has grown to be a dream for my own Iris business.

I have created this site because of my love for irises. It began as a personal project, but because of the interest that has been generated by the beauty of the pictures we have obtained, I have designed the site for all iris lovers. The information about the Iris are from the Quail Hill Iris Garden Catalog. The inspiration to start my own Iris Garden came from the Lineberger's. They have spent much time answering questions and guiding me as I begin my own journey creating Iris for others to enjoy.

The pictures, taken by Judy Shultz, are as true to color as if you were standing beside the plant. It is my prayer that you may enjoy the beauties God has created for each of us.

Iris Classification Iris Terms Miscellaneous

Border Bearded

Intermediate Bearded

Interspecies Irises

Miniature Dwarf

Miniature Tall

Siberian Iris

Species Irises

Spuria Irises

Standard Dwarf

Tall Bearded

Beard: The fuzzy part of lower petals on bearded iris

Falls: The three lower petals

Plicata: Speckled, stitched or flecked with another color

Self: An even color throughout

Signal: The spot of color replacing beard on beardless irises

Standards: The three upright petals of the flower

Styles: Extend from the throat of the flower

Cultural Info

Quail Hill Iris Gardens

American Iris Association

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