We all get lots of Emails forwarded on and on.  Some continue to forward them, others, just trash them into the recycle bin to be dumped.  I have taken the ones I deemed excellent, and placed them on the web for anyone who chooses to look at them may do so.  This way, it doesn't clutter your box, and you can read it if you so choose.  You might even realize some day you want to use something that you've read in the past, but didn't keep, and find it here.  I've attempted to categorize each one in the categories listed below to help you find something a little easier.  Most Email forwards come through with the same name over and over again.  For those, there won't be any duplication.   If something gets a name change, then I may not remember that I already have it and place it under the new name given to it.  I attempt to list things according to the name with which it came through the forward chain.  I hope you find this beneficial if you ever want to find something interesting or inspirational to read.

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