Our Parakeets

    We have had Sweetie since February, 1996. He was just a few weeks old and had been hand fed. We bought Tweetie at the same time, but Tweetie died a few months later.
    Sweetie became the sole owner of our home and hearts, and still has a more personable character. He loves to torment Lady, our Border Collie, and rules the entire flock and house! If we are out past dark and have not left a light on in the house, Sweetie will chatter until way after we have gone to bed expressing his discontent with our having awakened him from sleep. He loves to have his belly rubbed through the bars, and does not even mind being held from time to time. If music is being played any place in listening distance, Sweetie will be singing along.
    Peri joined Sweetie and our family in October, 2000. While not of the same disposition as Sweetie, she has her own personality and charm.
    Azure, Chrysy, Dande, Eme, Frosty and Icy joined our flock in February, 2005. One other bird came along at the same time, but only lived a few weeks. His name was Coco. He was brown in color, and never really acted normal from the first day he came home. He died in early March, 2005.
    Azure has the most personality in this group and loves to stir up the entire flock by flapping his wings, but going no place. This causes a general raucous among the entire flock, whereupon they all begin flying around the cage.
    Peri began laying eggs on March 27, 2005, and pictures are on her page showing the progress from time to time.

Update, August 12, 2005 -- We have four stones in our Pet Cemetery, marking four freshly dug graves. Azure was the second parakeet to die this year. His enthusiasm got the best of him. He misjudged the amount of space he had to fly about in the cage, and slammed into the side too hard the morning of May 6, 2005. 
    On July 10, 2005, we found that Sweetie had died. He had lived a long, happy life and given us all many hours of enjoyment.
    Peri was obviously lonely from that point in time, and died on August 12, 2005 barely a month after Sweetie.
    We have a Pet Cemetery in our woods where we lovingly bury each pet and place a large stone marker on their grave.
    We look forward to Heaven where we will enjoy our pets forever, with no sadness of death.


Azure Chrysy Dande Eme
Frosty Icy Peri Sweetie