July 28:  Drove to Williamsburg.  US Highway 74, US Highway 221, US Highway 64, I-40, I-85, Highway 10, Highway 106, Highway 5.

July 29:  Celebrated Homer Dever's 75th birthday at the Peking Restaurant.  Visited the shops by the Candle Factory.  Drove around sightseeing.

July 30:  Took the Colonial Parkway out to the Ferry.  Rode the Ferry both directions over the James River.  Sightseeing and walk through downtown Williamsburg.

July 31:  Drove home on back roads, some that we weren't sure of their names!  Took the Colonial Parkway to the Ferry and continued on State Highway 31, State Highway 40, County road (don't remember number), County Road 631, County Road 608, County Road 609, US Highway 58, US Highway 501, US Highway 158, US Highway 29, I-85, State Highway 152, State Highway 150, US Highway 74.

In the evenings we enjoyed some game time with the family.  We played several games of I Doubt It, Pit, and Uno.

It was fun to spend time together relaxing, and just getting away from everyday work at home.  Enjoy the pictures of our trip by following the links below and on each page.