Web Site & Domain Registration

You will pick your domain name. If it is not in use, it will be registered through Verizon. Your web site will be built through Alltel's web access. The monthly bill from Alltel and annual bill from Verizon will be sent directly to your address.

There is also an initial set-up fee with Alltel for: $00.00, and with Verizon for $00.00. Alltel's fee covers access to the Internet and space based on the service you choose. Verizon's domain registration fee is for the first year of service.

For details of Alltel's various rates, visit their web site at:

Serendipity Ranch Web Wizard's Charges

Initial Set-up

$50.00 (One page, no pictures)

$100.00 (This includes 4 pages and 5 personal pictures; additional pictures, see below)

Maintaining the Site

Changes = $20.00/ per time (You can determine if you want changes made to your site daily, weekly, or monthly)

Pictures [This is for pictures taken at your site] = $20.00 minimum (Includes up to 5 pictures); $5.00 for each additional picture.

Pictures [This is for ones you provide and we scan] = $10.00 minimum (Includes up to 5 pictures); $3.00 for each additional picture.


Serendipity Ranch Web Wizards reserve the right to apply other necessary charges based on the job. These charges will be discussed with the client prior to doing the work and applying them to your bill.


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