KG4HLC Radio Shack

My antenna runs from the tall tree (a poplar) you can see in the left foreground to a tree (an oak) behind the northwest corner of the house. It is the only tree that you can see a portion of the bark midway up between the house and the sky. The picture is taken towards the West.

If you look very carefully at the very center of this picture you will see my wire, and you can see the tree at the back of the house where it goes to, which might give you a little better perspective for the top picture.

This is the poplar tree along the driveway where my wire is attached. You can see where we currently have it attached. The desire was to get it another 10 to 15 feet up the tree by lassoing the first limb up there in the shadows.

This is "My" space for my radio shack. I took this back some so you could see how close I am with the computer as well. The microphone cord across the top of the Kenwood is for the Yaesu. The cord for the Kenwood comes off towards the left of the picture.

This is my equipment. The bottom machine is my Kenwood TS-430S, then I have the MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner II, and on top of it is the speaker for the Kenwood to the left, and my Yaesu FT-2600M.