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I had originally hoped to have a picture of the breed that I took.  Now I think I'll be happy to find two good ones:  One of the breed standing (to show conformation) and one performing (doing something that it is known for).

Introduction:  Some thoughts on the breed and an invitation to share comments.

Names:  Various names for the breed (what they mean and how to pronounce them where applicable) and why I chose the one that predominates in the article.

Origin:  The history of the breed and its ancestry; where it was bred originally and who bred it.  This tends to be the history, while breeding tends to be more about the ancestry.

Breeding:  Same as origin, but for the present day.  See above.  In some cases, such as the Arabian, there is so much information that I have put actual bloodlines and such, under Breeding and other information about time periods and the like, under Origin.  I may do this with all the breeds eventually.  (Note:  I have also noticed as I've been working on the site for longer that it's easier to tell a little about where the breed comes from under Origin and how it was bred under Breeding.  Whether this will hold in all cases remains to be seen but it may end up being the case.)

Description:  The collective physical description of the breed; this category is divided up into sections about the parts of the horse, it also includes size, action, and color, as well as a general impression where applicable.

Temperament:  Any noticeable mental traits, and trainability, intelligence, and such, if mentioned.

Features:  Anything else unique to the breed, such as endurance or strength, that does not seem to fall under the above two.

Uses:  What the breed has been used for throughout history and at the present day.

Accomplishments:  Anything extraordinary that members of the breed have done, usually records set or contests won.

Curiosities:  Anything particularly unique to the breed.

Profiles:  Honorable mention of any famous horses belonging to the breed.

Conclusion:  A summary of what I think of the breed.  (Note:  This page may eventually change, especially since I rarely have a "conclusion" on the breeds.  I will probably change/combine some of the headings; however, the idea of breaking it down will remain the same.  I will update this page if and when I update the breed pages.)

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