The Game!!!!!!!

Hi y'all!  How're you doing?  I'm doing great!  I don't know how many of you know that I got to go to a Braves game finally!  We went Tuesday, June 15, to Turner Field in Atlanta to watch the Braves play the Kansas City Royals.  No, we didn't get any autographs.  (Yet!)

Grammie, Grampie, and Aunt Ronda met us there (us being Mom, Aunt Judy, and me), and we got to walk around the Plaza and look at statues and such before. . .it started pouring!  And I mean pouring!  Aunt Ronda went to get her car and bring it closer for Grammie and Grampie while Mom, Aunt Judy, and I made a dash for ours.  (I hit my head on the roof while I was trying to get in to open Aunt Judy's door for her ; it got better pretty quick though!)  Anyway, we sat out there until the museum and everything opened so we could take cover. . .a storm passed over in the process.

It was still raining while we were in the museum, etc.; I got a T-shirt at the Clubhouse Store; we didn't take a tour or anything but they had some neat stuff there.  By the time we (Mom, Aunt Judy, and I) got out to where our seats were, we had walked most of the way around the ballpark!  (Grammie, Grampie, and Aunt Ronda got to the seats before we did.)  We had a pretty good view of the field - fairly low in the highest level, just down the foul line towards right field from first base.  It was disappointing to not get to go down near the field and try to get autographs but since, by the time the rain stopped, the players had less than an hour to get in what practice and warmups they needed, I'll forgive them!

There was a lot of music and yelling, as you might expect; I know now that you can't get the real feeling of what goes on without being there!  We had gotten some tomahawks on Ebay and Aunt Ronda and I took turns waving hers!  The Royals got the first run in the top of the 1st ; then the Braves tied it up in the bottom of the 1st ; then the Royals got another run somewhere in there ; the Braves didn't get anything for several innings ; and then, I think it was like the bottom of the 8th, the Braves got 2 runs !  And then - Smoltz!  (Need I say more?!)

By the way, we walked the rest of the way around the ballpark to get back to the car; Aunt Judy has been to ball games before but she says this is the first time she has gotten to walk all the way around a park!  And then too, Grammie was determined that Andruw Jones won the game for the Braves and Aunt Ronda was determined that Rafael Furcal won the game for the BravesThe fact that they still are determined of that means that I dare say no more on the subject!

Anyway, it was a great day and even better night and we all had a safe trip back home!  Thanks again to all of you who came to make it more fun and those of you who were thinking of us!  I hope we get to go again someday!



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